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Come find the brand new Page on Facebook!
Dedicated to the Mazda 6 Wagon.
Purpose is to raise noise to bring back the Wagon, and Sports Wagon to North America!
also, to celebrate this great car, and give it its own page and presence on Facebook and the Web.

Thanks for your support!

The Mazda 6 Wagon has been a notoriously good looking and great car. With great sports car like qualities, and the Utility of an SUV.
Mazda has created a car that is a true SUV. Sport Utility Vehicle right?
Well this is a Sports Car Utility vehicle. An SUV, is for getting you to your sport, or to go off roading perhaps, but who really does that in their SUV? lol Not many, some for sure. Is it really Sporty? Like a Sports Car? Which is where the word "Sport" really began.
Truly, a Wagon, is the true, Sport Utility vehicle.
Its sporty like a sports car, has great handling, looks sporty, but! It can handle any load an SUV can handle, and look sleek doing it!

Strangely, Mazda and many other manufacturers have decided not to Bring their Wagons to Canada, and the USA. So sad, Have you seen the new 2014 Mazda wagon? Amazingly gorgeous, and even closer to a Sports car Utility vehicle... over 270 HP. Nice.
We are left in Canada only with the Mazda 6 copy, the Toyota Venza, which I see everywhere, which is sadly underpowered, and the other options are the BMW, and the Cadillac Wagon. Both with good power, and a bird told me that BMW may bring a 350 HP wagon to North America! See? even BMW sees the patterns and the writing on the wall.
Why did Porsche bring out a 4 door 911 car? They see the writing on the wall, and in the market. We want a Sports car that has the Utility of an SUV, but not a truck! We want a sports car. They even reverse engineered their 4 door. At one time, they only had Sports cars, and then they built their SUV with Volkswagen. From that they saw that their customers do want a more utility car from them! So, then they made a 4 door wagon style car!! At the same time, other manufacturers were taking their wagons off the North American Market. What they should have been doing, is making them more Sporty, and more like a sports car.
Luckily I got my 2004 Mazda 6 Wagon just in time. Its in great condition, and I will not part with it until I can get a replacement!
Have you seen the New concept Wagon from Subaru? Yes, A "Sports Car Wagon!!" Looks amazing. As does the new Mazda 6 Wagon 2014, of which Mazda has teased us in North America with, but will not bring us this beauty, apparently they believe we all are clones, and all want cross overs and SUV's in Canada.
Well, I want a sports car, and a Utility vehicle. Do I have to have 2 cars? what an expense. Why not join them?
Sport Car Utility Vehicle. The new Segment in Cars!!
Fast, great performance, great power, and.... you can get your gear in there! We are guys! We have gear!! Hockey gear, Golf gear, Kids, Bicycles, ladders, Runs to the Home improvement stores, and more!
My 6 Wagon, can get 3 bikes in the back, without removing the wheels! My old Toyota 4Runner, I had to take the wheels off, and jimmy them into it. And, it was no sports car, I'll tell you that. My 6 is.
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