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Last week some scumbag lowlife broke into my 6 week old 6 and stole by TomTom Go. Only damage was the passenger side window, didn't even take my iPod Nano that was in the flip up compartment on the top of the dash!

Reason for the theft was that I'd left TomTom's mounting arm stuck to the screen so it gave the game away that it was likely to be in the car. The police say thieves are targeting cars (UK) with the mount on the screen or if a sucker mark is visible on the screen!

My new TomTom arrived 500 and I'm not going to use the arm again. I'll just put it in the dashboard flap, but here's the thing. The 500 is bluetoothed and I can use it as a hands free for the phone, providing it's in the docking unit that can be removed from the arm. Like that, there doesn't appear to be enough clearance for the unit to fit in the compartment.

Any ideas?
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