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i have created this thread for our sydney, australia members, i have not yet meet anyone on here from sydney, but would like to, catch up, go for cruises up or down the coast, share pics or/and chat about our interest.

my name is jester, im from western sydney, recently baught a mazda 6 for 2g's, after driving it for a couple of days i actually fell in love with it, im more a v6/v8 guy but after finding the fuel consumption, the revs holding through the gears smoothly, finding its actually quick for a 2.3L, i was sold. i was thinking it may be a MPS 6 but no ID on the body or book that it is, also its a none turbo 2.3L,
im also now looking at a 2.3L turbo motor to install into the mazda 6, i wont add a turbo to the motor already in it, as its a factory standard non turbo and runs great without it, but would like to know what it could do with a turbo charged.
my plans for the 2.3L none turbo, New 18'rims with ultralow profiles, magnaflow exghuast system, K&N panel filter (will upgrade to a POD Air intake system in near future), change he factory stereo to Universal Facia and 2Din touchscreen)
i dont think there is much more i could do to the original engine,maybe chuck in some taco's to make it look sicker lol, i am also going to get the gears tuned and dino tested, i think its roughly around $1000 for both.
all this will coast me around 4,000 aussie dollars.

does anyone have a MPS 3 or 6? or do you have a mazda 6 that your currently customizing? playing around with?
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