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Wow... Thanks... i am a newbie here

Your links are great....

I am preparing myself for the arrival of my Mazda 6 .... I looking to change to a 18" rim

I am also looking to change the audio in the car. any advise... mine doesn't come with a bose set...

Any advise?
put your location in your profile so we can suggest tires for your climate, amongst other things. speaking of which, an easily overlooked item when switching up to larger wheels, which of course yield smaller sidewalls, are the load ratings of the tires. our cars require a load rating of 91 on the tires which equates to 1356lbs per tire. you can read more about this and proper tire sizes in regards to the speedometer/odometer here.

i'm probably never going to change the speakers so i cant help you there. :hoho:
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