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Mazda 6/Mazdaspeed6 clubs in this area?

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Are there any Mazda6/Mazdaspeed6 clubs in this area? I'm in Loudon County, (North) Virginia, any clubs in or around here maybe even in MD or DC or DE?

thanks guys

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Not in DE to my knowledge. maybe across the bay bridge in mainland MD. :)
yea, i'm just looking for one around this area, hopefully around Nothern Virginia...but in this mid atlantic area wouldnt be bad....
Not necessarily a "club" but some of us in VA have talked about getting together sometime just to hang out :) I think there were 5 people when we tried to get something together last month?
Just check Mid-Atlantic section, we meet up often enough, you just missed the year end BBQ, I usually have one the beginning of spring, but we're meeting up @ Dave & Buster's Nov 11 ( check section for post) and I'm sure there'll be more meet coming up.
part of us are mscw and mec mixed into the midatlantic section.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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