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Hi about 6 months ago I bought a 2006 Mazda 6 v6 with a 5-speed manual. (180k miles)

A day after I purchased the vehicle a motor mount snapped while driving and it pulled a radiator hose with it. I got the vehicle towed and a shop fixed the hose and the mount was fixed. It drives great now and looks great.

Immediately after the repairs though it makes this loud whistling/ whining coming from the engine bay when I accelerate

-It only does it while driving
-doesn't do it when revving in neutral
- medium to hard throttle only
-does it with ac on and off
-the car has no lack of power everything works and feels great.
-pinhole exhaust leak at the flange right before the catalytic converter (unsure if that could cause such a loud noise).

Any help, recommendations, or ways to diagnose the issue would be greatly appreciated!

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Bummer. that must have been surprising.

An exhaust leak would be heard when revving the motor stopped as well as when moving.

Does it make the sound when coasting?
Is there a difference in the sound if it is in gear or out of gear? Different gears?
Is there a change in the sound with vehicle speed?

My thinking is that if you twisted the motor enough to pull a hose free, it is possible that you have damaged one of the bearings in the drive-line.
The system has one bearing at each wheel, one carrier bearing along the right/passenger side axle (between the intermediate shaft and CV shaft), and one bearing at each of the differential sides in the transmission case.
All other bearings are inside the transmission case and likely would not be suddenly affected with the event you describe. Even the throw-out bearing on the clutch would likely not be affected and that you would hear when pressing the clutch pedal down.

Does the car shake at all when driving? Worse accelerating or decelerating?

Whistling noises tend to be air leaks (intake generally) and whining noises tend to be bearings failing.

You could put the car securly up in the air and have someone put it in 2nd gear and rotate the wheels at low RPM as you climb under and listen for sound.

Also check to see that you did not pull/tear any of the intake plumbing.

Good luck.
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