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I got the issue in the mail today and was happy to see that the Mazda 6 was included in Esquire's 2006 Car Buyer's Guide article "The Ten Under Fifty". Here is what they had to say:

"TheTenUnderFifty - You don't need a mint to get wheels that feel like you did. Here are ten cars that'll leave you grinning, each for less than fifty grand. BY EZRA DYER

The secret of the 6's appeal is in the details-the chunky feel of the shifter in your hand, the smooth, eager power delivered by even the base four-cylinder. Though this is a bread-and-butter family car, it's clear that the people who tuned the steering and suspension care about driving. The 6 constantly surprises with its abilities. Go ahead, put five golf bags in the trunk. Somehow, they fit. This is the kind of car you name and keep driving long after it's paid for. Maybe you could afford somethign else, but the 6 gets under your skin."

Dyer, Ezra "TheTenUnderFifty". Esquire. May 2006. p84.

Included in the article is a picture of a 2003 Sport Packaged V6 Lapis Blue Sedan.

Other cars on the list:

Chevy C6 Corvette $44,490
BMW 3-Series $30,900 to $44,900
Audi A3 3.2 DSG $34,700
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution $29,149
Ford F-150 $19,640 to $37,005
Infinity G35 Coupe $33,200
Lotus Elise $42,990
Subaru Legacy GT $28,795
Chrystler 300C SRT8 $42,695

Cars on their "The Five Over Fifty" List:
Bently Continental GT $164,990
Mercedes S550 $86,175
BMW M5 $81,200
Ferrari Spider $207,199
Porche 911 $71,300

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Very cool, and a bunch of great cars on their list as well.
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