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Hi, Am having an issue since i bought used Mazda 6 2006 (facelift) model with 89kw 2liter engine that was a swapped by unknown mechanics. The seller sold me this car and said that it has an problem with the power loss and i thought it may be electrics or missing some adaptation. After investigation i found incomplete vacuum system and restored it with whole new vacuum hoses and replaced the airbox while the vacuum chamber had broken pins so it was unable to connect. After that the power came about 50-60perc but not quite all of it. Next thing it was a investigation by a another mazda lover that had a pre-facelift model and same engine. The only difference he said it had vacuum lines on throttle and some other stuff and mine had electronic control.
By that time i already found out the weard data comming from the trottle body position sensors (i know now that there are two of them) so found a working replacement of the whole throttle body. Replaced the trottle body but no luck. The weard data is the percentage of open stage it sends back to the ECU. It shows 5-10 percent on idle and when i only touch the pedal it jumps way up to 80 percent and stays there. I am thinking that the wiring harness was hacked by some electric previously and it had some sort of weard shortcut wiring or something to trick the engine and make it work.
If anyone had similar or same issues with the responses and the fuel mix issues (that follows if engine doesn't know what exactly opening is on the trottle body). I already checked the numblers that trottle pedal sensors (both of them) sending and it graduately increases if i press the pedal, no issues there. I even thought to make a shortcut to an ecu from the pedal while the body opens like it shoild but the ecu doesn't sees it.The guy previously looked at the engine told me that the turbo is activated way to early and boosts to early on the start of the engine acceleration. So the symptoms of the TB return signals fits perfectly to the power loss and hes words. I found also the pinouts of the connector on the TB and ECU and planning to make a direct shortcut with brand new wiring and bypass the factory harness to check if that will do the job.
P.S. At that area there is one non-factory wire going somewhere that i don't know that i will try to trace and figure it out why he is there and what is he doing there. My friend told me to cut it temporary and look what will stop working :D Logic and i think will do that.
Anywhays if anyone can help with the info i will thank you veeeeery much.
I had previously a SEAT Toledo (2000, 1,9L Diesel 81KW) so i know how much power 89 should be. It is not even near it.
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