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Hi all

I have a mazda6 diesel 2.2 SL 185

I have been plagued with P2227 for 3 months now to where it will come and go after several drive cycles.

when tHe code appears the performance really suffers …it’s like the turbo has disappeared . But few days later all is normal.

the car has 200k on the clock and is always main dealer serviced .
Having research the barro sensor code it appears this could be many reasons why P2227 appears but I don’t want this to be a parts cannon.

many suggestions or has anyone hadthis code throw before and has managed to fix?

thanks all
From a parts perspective, I think that replacing a baro sensor is not that big of an investment. We have that code on the petrol engine and it is usually combined with a
The two sensors on the back of engine compartment, mounted on the firewall frequently go bad on the previous model but I believe are unchanged with the Mk.2 (and dozens of other vehicles to be frank).

It is a very easy job to replace yourself and will cost a fraction of an hour service at a shop. If it does not fix your issue you can "bite the bullet" and take it in.
Good luck.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts