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I have had my Mazda 6 2010 petrol for a few years now and I love it. But after about 6 months of owning it I started to notice an issue with the 3rd gear; I would try and put it in, it wouldn't slip in nicely and I would end up crunching the gears. After a few times doing that, I made sure I pushed it in all the way before lifting up the clutch.

The resistance I get going from 2nd to 3rd has become really annoying, and intermittent. Sometimes it will slide in really nicely, other times I will get a tiny "crunch" feeling or sometimes a little "knock" as the gear stick engages (clutch fully pressed down). This is only minor resistance, and I can get it into 3rd every time, but I have to be much more deliberate than with the other gears which never have this issue. Going from 4th to 3rd is always fine.

The easiest way I found to replicate this issue was to put the clutch down and go between 2nd and 3rd (without lifting up the clutch) between about 20 and 40mph; pretty much every time there is a crunch or knock. So with that, I took it to a clutch specialist garage and they called it "notchy" and didn't think there was an issue. He said all he'd suggest is an oil change in the gearbox which may help; it didn't.

I've tried changing gears at low and high revs, being fast and slow at changing gear, and I cannot find a way to avoid the intermittent crunch or knock getting into 3rd. I wondered if anyone has had this issue, and if there's a way to fix it or work around it. The only thing I have come up with so far is to go from 2nd to 4th! And thinking that my next car might have to be an automatic. Any better ideas?

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