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I bought a mazda 6 2006, I checked it recently with an OB2 reader and it showed a problem with the dpf but there is no warning light for it. The error codes p2002 and p242f. I wanted to know if there is meant to be a warning light for dpf on this model or if has been covered some how. Is this the reason when I start the car and drive off a lot of white smoke comes out. No white smoke comes out when I'm driving only when I start it in the morning or when I have left it during the day and come back and start it again.

Also it is slow on acceleration especially in 5th and 6th gear, I wanted to know if this was due to the glow plugs not working properly. I checked the glow plugs using multimeter and none of them seem to working properly as they were not giving value, I checked with another car to make sure I was doing it right and the other car gave a value of 1.5.
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