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Mazda 6 2.2 d fuel return line gasket

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While doing an oil level check I noticed a bubble on the engine cover beside the oil fill cap. I pulled the cover and can see that the nuts holding down the fuel return have gaskets with little legs attached to the gaskets below one of which is broken and there is a black mark on the pipe.
Looking for advice on whether this is safe to drive until I can get a replacement part or if this should be avoided and possibly a symptom of a bigger problem.
Is the bubble on the cover from leaking diesel?
Pictures of the engine cover, the broken gasket leg and a good gasket leg below.

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Hi there. I thought that this 'bubble' looked familiar, the same exists in my 2017 2.2D, and I believe that it is manufactured in this way to allow space for the fuel rail. The fuel rail sits perfectly into this groove. I also have the same black dot that you mention, must be something related to production tests.

I don't know about the broken legs on the nuts. Perhaps this is just a security seal to prove that the injectors haven't been touched when in dispute over warranty repairs.

Here's some pics from mine.

View attachment 248394
View attachment 248395
Apologies for the late reply I didn't realise I had gotten any response to this thread. Just did the usual basic service since my original post and thankfully haven't noticed any issues with the car. Plan to inspect the injectors anyway and replace that gasket when I have time off from work in a few weeks. Thanks so much for the info, put's my mind at ease.
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