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Hey guys!

I am new to the forum I would like some of your suggestions about my 2003 Mazda 6 2.0 Diesel overheating problem.
So the problem is that my car is overheating on longer destinations and if there is an uphill. If car is running on idle it doesn't overheat and runs normally. Soon as I get on a freeway and there is a long uphill my temperature start to rise, so I have to get of it ASAP and turn the blower to max so it cools faster. The first time it happened was last week and I managed to noticed it before it got to the "red zone". I didn't drive it since just did a little testing, like warm her up and then constantly holding her on 2500RPM. I also went on a small hill nearby to see how she acts when there is more load. Because the problem didn't happened I went to a little road trip (80km) and on freeway it started overheating (FYI it is a long but not steep uphill).
I replaced the belt, waterpump, thermostat, tensioner about 30000km back. The problem never occurred before until now.

I would like some of your suggestions what to look for.
1.) Could it be the thermostat? I strongly believe it is not, but will change it anyway (cheep). I think that because the thermostat opens, if it didn't the car would overheat on idle an it would probably overheat on normal ride.
2.) Fans? They do come one, didn't test on what temp, but bought of them come on.
3.) Airbubble? Don't believe is that either, the system was bleeded 30000km back and if it wasn't bleeded properly the problem would happened then.
4.) The cap? No that is not either, when car overheated, it can be clearly see that heated colling water is going out the overfill from the radiator to expansion tank (see picture).
5.) There is a leak from the combustion chamber to the water? That is my biggest concern. But should there be some indicator like dirty water, it is diesel anyway. Another thing here, when car is on operating temperature there isn't any bubbles forming in expansion tank.

Thank you in advance for your input.


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