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Greetings folks,

I own 2009 Mazda 6 (GH) 2,2 Diesel 136 KW (185HP), which served me right for over 7 years now. My story is that one day, some time ago, my wife called me, and said that car just stalled and won't start again.
Long story - short. Turns out, fuel level gauge was showing nonsense (it was showing like half a tank left or something), and actually car tank was out of fuel... I've changed Fuel level sensor (the one, which you can access through rear seat, which is on top of fuel tank). I've changed it to used one. Everything was fine for some time (months, maybe close to year)
After sometime, I've noticed that fuel gauge is once again showing incorrect information. I think one day, it started to show full tank, when I was sure, yesterday there was less. I've replaced with used one, once again, everything worked fine for some time. last weekend, it stalled for me again, when it was showing that there was some fuel still left, turns out, fuel level sensor is once again faulty...

I'm starting to worry, am I really that lucky, that this sensor fails me for 3rd time now, or maybe there is something else wrong, which could cause sensor fail? I've quickly Googled it, searched this forum, does not look like this is common issue, why it fails for me so many time ?

I was thinking about brand new, OEM part, but cmon, 400 euros for it... I dint not find any other aftermarket company, which produces replacement for this part.

I've added picture of this sensor. I was looking online, maybe I could order only sensor part, I could not find exact one, so I've ordered closest looking to mine from Ebay (please check picture attached), I will try to solder it together with mine, maybe it will work... BUT, I did not noticed, that seller is from China, and it will be delivered only on March :D

Any thoughts, or maybe I'm missing some important information? I really appreciate any help. Sorry for long text.


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