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Manual 2016 Touring with 84K miles for $12,800 after taxes/fees. Good deal?

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Hi all,

I found a manual 2016 Touring with 84K miles that I plan on checking out this Saturday. It was an Auction car and it looks good based on the pics. The dealer does give me 2-3 hours to get it inspected so my plan was to take it to the closest Mazda dealer for a PPI.

The carfax does show an accident without any damage. Not sure what that means…

Couple of questions:

  • is the 2016 model as noisy as it’s portrayed to be?
  • is 84K miles too much for used car with a direct injection engine or no need to worry about that?
  • is the car comfortable enough for road trips and a daily 40 mile commute?

I appreciate any feedback you can provide.

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So is the consensus that the asking price is a bit high?
Ok I see. Any potential issues I should keep in mind long term? I do plan on bringing it to a Mazda dealer
Yes but ALL used car asking prices are a bit high right now - it's more the market than anything. Could you find something for a bit less? Maybe. If you can afford this or talk them down even a little, would it still be worth it? Probably, but that's for you and your wallet to decide. These cars are proving to be remarkably well-made and very few suffer any major problems.
Ok I see. Any potential issues I should keep in mind long term? I do plan on bringing it to a Mazda dealer
I'm pretty biased, but honestly not really. I've only heard of a few people with major issues, but thousands who have nothing but good things to say. Check your typical things - brakes, trans, plugs, filters, etc, read up on the TSBs that might have been missed, and take good care of it and you should be good.

I (sorry, never finished) wrote up a quick "things to look for before you buy" thread here: 3rd Gen Things to Know Before You Buy/Lease

For the 2016, it's a bit of a crapshoot depending on the manufacture date, as that was a weird year. The ones that came later in the year don't seem to suffer from warped rotors nearly as bad and the wind noise problem was drastically reduced.

If you really want more validation, go check out a Cx5 forum (or one that has a Cx5 section) because those are the same engine as the 6 but have been around a couple years longer. I rarely see people having issues with those as well - the Skyactive platform is arguably the most reliable and well-built ones to date.
Thanks! I know the manufacture date of this one is 01/16 so I'm assuming it suffers from wind noise. I guess my test drive tomorrow will determine that.
I've been driving a Soul Red 2016 6 Touring automatic for almost three years now. My biggest gripes are that I had to replace the belt tensioner about three times (maybe low quality replacement parts?); the paint ... (hood and front bumper) get nicked fairly easily, and the noisy cold starts. A European friend here in the States drove a 2014 manual 6 and did not like/enjoy the transmission. I'm pleased with the auto, but not when I use the manumatic; it is slow to shift. The sport mode likes to hang in there mostly in third gear (my experience). The noise is mostly an issue at all if you compare it to more luxurious cars. I think it is pretty quiet at cruising speeds; you will hear the engine as you are revving up to cruising speed; certainly noisier than my wife's 2015 Accord XLE but only when you are accelerating. My Mazda's handling is superior to the '15 Accord and the Mazda also is/feels much tightly bolstered when going over a bump or rough pavement-love the ride completely, but that is personal taste. Also, I am 6' 1" @ 200 lbs and love the driver's seat comfort and adjustability as well. On the touring, however, the manual lumbar support doesn't stay where I want it, for very long ... not sure that's just my car or what. I'm sure the GT has a motor for that feature. I hope that helps.
thank you! This helps a lot
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Well the car was sold to another dealer so scratch that. I did find a manual 2017.5 Touring with 37K miles for 18.5K. Is that too much?
In my opinion that is Grand Touring money, but as it has been mentioned here, now days car prices are a little unreasonably high driven by the situation with our (USA) economy.
Seller just updated his ad saying to make him a suitable offer based on KBB. I texted him and his target price is 18.3K but he did asked what my offer was. What would you say a reasonable offer is? Hhmm
I Just traded in my 2015 Touring w/Manual gearbox.

Here's the dealer listing for it Used Cars for Sale Near Me - CarGurus
thanks for sharing. Good data point to have. Did you enjoy driving it?

So this one I’m eyeing is 2.5 years newer with ~20K miles less. the seller can do 18.3K but did ask what my offer was.. hhmm
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