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Manual 2016 Touring with 84K miles for $12,800 after taxes/fees. Good deal?

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Hi all,

I found a manual 2016 Touring with 84K miles that I plan on checking out this Saturday. It was an Auction car and it looks good based on the pics. The dealer does give me 2-3 hours to get it inspected so my plan was to take it to the closest Mazda dealer for a PPI.

The carfax does show an accident without any damage. Not sure what that means…

Couple of questions:

  • is the 2016 model as noisy as it’s portrayed to be?
  • is 84K miles too much for used car with a direct injection engine or no need to worry about that?
  • is the car comfortable enough for road trips and a daily 40 mile commute?

I appreciate any feedback you can provide.

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I Just traded in my 2015 Touring w/Manual gearbox.

Here's the dealer listing for it Used Cars for Sale Near Me - CarGurus
Seller just updated his ad saying to make him a suitable offer based on KBB. I texted him and his target price is 18.3K but he did asked what my offer was. What would you say a reasonable offer is? Hhmm
Based on current prices that's not a bad price but still negotiate, offer 17k and see if he counters.
thanks for sharing. Good data point to have. Did you enjoy driving it?

So this one I’m eyeing is 2.5 years newer with ~20K miles less. the seller can do 18.3K but did ask what my offer was.. hhmm
I LOVED driving it. It's a car I would recommend to everyone.

18k Is a good price it it all checks out
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That's good. Most people would stay away from cars that have been in an accident even if it was cosmetic damage; you should make that a bigger deal they are making it look like. I would buy a car like that, no problem, but this dealer is probably having trouble selling it and is willing to move out ot their lot. I think a fair offer would be $16.5 and still seems high to me. Trade-in value would be around 13k for that car in excellent condition; I would asume they got it a lot cheaper and fixed the damage themselves ... think about it.
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