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Manual 2016 Touring with 84K miles for $12,800 after taxes/fees. Good deal?

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Hi all,

I found a manual 2016 Touring with 84K miles that I plan on checking out this Saturday. It was an Auction car and it looks good based on the pics. The dealer does give me 2-3 hours to get it inspected so my plan was to take it to the closest Mazda dealer for a PPI.

The carfax does show an accident without any damage. Not sure what that means…

Couple of questions:

  • is the 2016 model as noisy as it’s portrayed to be?
  • is 84K miles too much for used car with a direct injection engine or no need to worry about that?
  • is the car comfortable enough for road trips and a daily 40 mile commute?

I appreciate any feedback you can provide.

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Strikes me as expensive. I have a manual, but realize that the market slams down the saleability of a manual, so it should be at least $2000 cheaper than the equiv automatic, maybe more... particularly in a sedan like the 6. Also, drive it extensively. The naturally aspirated 2.5 does not have much below 2800 rpm... so if it is lacklustre for you - you know why. Almost is more spritely with the automatic, down low. Actually, faster to sixty with the auto. Finally, my 2017 is noisy... and it had some factory noise mitigating done on it, versus the 2016. Telegraphs road texture thru to the interior in the way of noise.

Reliable, long lived but a bit lacking in refinement... and body is thin gauge, fragile, carpets thin in the extreme.

Others, YMMV...
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I agree with everything C said. That seems expensive. Cars are very high in the USA right now, though, so you must gauge the market for yourself.

That’s low miles for a 6. It should last a very long time.

Many may disagree with me, but I think Mazda has been making better cars than Honda (as far as durability goes) for over a decade now.
Bulwnkl, would you say durability, or would you say reliability and lasting-power? I think of being "robust", strongly-made, tough when I think of "durable"... I believe Mazda's are long-lived, but somehow I feel they are fragile. Certainly fragile paint, thin sheet metal?
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