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Luminics Bulbs

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Just a heads up to anybody thinking about buying from these guys. I have ordered from them in the past and they have been great...good product and fast shipping. It seems now these guys are nowhere to be found when it comes to responding to emails or phone calls. It's been two weeks with no product or response.
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they have multiple complaints on
does actually many anything for sites that aren't "members"

It was my understanding that if a site wanted to be a member of the BBB and have a logo posted... they were open to complaints and issues if they had bad service... however random fly-by-night companies who don't care... and aren't members... the BBB can't do anything really....

tell me if i'm wrong though as i'll start filing complaints on shitty companies I find... if it would mean something...
you have to go to the local bbb site for your state and you can file a complaint there on any place doing buisness in that state.They have to have a state and federal tax id#,so you can stick it to them with the B.B.B
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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