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Hi guys,

for those of you in Australia, 4 days ago I hooked up with "King Springs" (major spring manufactuer) and had fitted a set of lowered springs front and back (their prototypes) to test them for them.

Ride height has dropped about 40mm.
Ride is noticably stiffer when cornering.
Ride cumfort has changed marginally with a little more feed back over bumps.

I love the way it looks and I'm very happy with the way it rides (is still more cumfortable than my r33 skyline)

Because my 6 was the first to trial the springs I was charge very little. They (King Springs) said 4 springs fitted should normally cost around A$500 (Australian, about $250 u.s.a) from regular supliers, but most advertisments quote around A$350.

I've taken some digital pic's that i'll put up soon.

Thanx, see ya.
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