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earlier this year i overcame a problem with my starter suddenly not working. me not knowing al it needed was just a slight knock with a wrench, i tough i might have to change the battery. i bought my self a new one, but that did not work. Later i got it running by pushing it and forcing it to start, but after that i got another problem. i had very low rpm at idle and when the clutch was engaged. that even caused my car to stall in intersections and roundabouts. well as crazy as it seemed there was not an problem or something wrong. i just had to let the ECU know it wasn't an brand new car, but an old car. that ment i had to relearn the throttle or more descriptively:
The solution to low RPM and engine stalling after a car battery replacement involves allowing the car's computer (ECU) to relearn throttle position and airflow parameters for stable RPMs and increased performance. This process, often referred to as an idle relearn or throttle body adaptation, ensures that the ECU properly adjusts to the new battery and optimizes the engine's idling and overall performance. The relearn process may occur automatically as you drive or may require specific steps, depending on the vehicle make and model.
i did not find many solutions to this and it took me over a week to fix. therefore i would like to address the issue and let possible other Mazda owners know what might help them.
steps to relearn is:
0. warm up your car.
1. turn ignition on with handbrake engaged.
2. turn it off and on 2 times and disengage the handbrake and finaly start the car.
(make sure the AC is off and no other electronics is turned on.)
3. let the car idle for 5-10 minutes or until you see the rpm increase to the ordinary number it should be at when idling.)
4. turn on AC on full and let the car idle 5more minutes.
5. try to drive around the block and see if the RPMs is correct. if so, congratulations, you have fixed your car. if the rpm is still to low, i suggest trying step 1-4 again or contact your local dealer.
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