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Loss of power under load. Skipping gears, gears sticking, shifting rough and lagging

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Hey there. I was wondering what people thought of my transmission pan. It was caked a pretty thick muck, is the shavings normal ? 30,000 kms since last fluid gasket change

a couple months ago over heated, blew pulleys and stuff , had work done to fix the harmonic bearing , idler pulley belt etc .

They said it need a service but the car almost didn’t run, it would lose all power under load at times and was to slow and dangerous to drive .

since then I’ve done a lot of work to engine but I’m still getting stuck in gears when accelerating, and losing power often on hills, seems to run better cold .

Rail side autos work ; Replace Crank Pully Replace Belt harmonic bearing idler pulley

My DYIengine service
Air filter change
5-30 oil & filter
New spark plugs
rislone oil cleaner
Then new 5/30 filter again
intake cleaner
radiator hoses
Second hand parts
MAF at 88,000km
purge canister
Purge valve Solenoid
erg replacement
valve cover
New valve cover gasket
Trans filter kit gasket
Lucas transmission fix
new Coolant
Total fuel cleaner
Maf cleaner
Injector cleaner

got a second hand upper02 sensor to put in today as well
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