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Hi to any one that can help. I have a mazda 6 s 2.0 diesel estate 2004 thats very down in power i believe its a vacuum leak i hear a hissing sound from underneath the power steering bottle but.. i have changed all vacuum pipes but the weird thing is when i move/wiggle the power steering bottle the hissing changes pitch like its sort of pluging the leak.
I have removed the power steering bottle and checked the o-ring and its fine all pipes to the bottle are fine. Could it be the clips that hold the bottle on ? i have tried tighting them.. (no luck )
any help in finding this leak would be great ps is there a known problem with the power steering bottle leaking air (no fluid is being lost from the power steering bottle )
If needs be i can upload videos/pics etc

Things i have tried so far changed intercooler, map sensor, maf sensor
removed egr and cleaned it, changed all flexi vacuum pipes removed power steering bottle and checked the bottle for cracks breaks pipes etc and checked the o-ring (all fine as far as i can see )
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