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I have some but you would hafta make me a very reasonable offer, seeing if I went thru with this I would need winter tires for my rims. They have been used for roughly 52,000 miles and are wrapped in Goodyear assurances triple tred. Ive had those tires on for 7 months roughly and AT MOST put 12,000 miles on them and they are a 80,000 tred tire. Very good tire on snow rain and dry, and ride comfort is good along with noise. Just check here

I can also take a pic of anything you want tread and the wheel they are just sitting in my basement.

O ya one more thing I bought these tires new for 700. So i mean I would expect to sell the tire and wheel combo for around 600 and thats probably more then what you wanted for steelies.

Look here for reviews on tire if your not familiar
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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