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Recommendations? ive been doing a bunch of research on good UHPAS (Ultra High Performance All Season) tires,

and ive come to be looking at a few of them,

Falken ziex 512

Toyo Proxes 4 ($$$$ :()

im really looking to have a tire that handles as well as it can for an all season, snow traction can be sacrificed for it (although i still need it) and has a stiff sidewall.

i'd been doing some research and supposedly the falken ziex 512 is squirmy and has a weak sidewall.

any other tires to add to the list??? ( i dont trust tirerack's survey very much, they make most every tire look good)

(for those who read my previous thread looking for lightweight wheels, and are now scratching your heads as to why im asking for 18 rim diameter all season tires, lets just say ive decided im going to buy rx7 rims and tires for the track. best of both worlds. :) ) 2 sets.
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