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LeMans Karting TUNER Gathering + Car Club Battle Round 2!!

Hosted by TPR Magazine []

WHEN | Sat, September 30th [ 10AM - 2PM ]

WHERE | LeMans Karting - 45957 Hotchkiss St, Fremont, CA 94539


Before the winter storms bring in the rain lets bring the tuner enthusiasts back to LMK for another large gathering. If you came to our JDM Theory Car Show, TPR Magazine Honda Meet or NorCalEvo meet, you know how we throw events!!

All cars are welcome! Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, BMW, Nissan, Infiniti, Acura, Mazda, VW, Audi, etc.... Come check out the best rides in the Bay Area!

Each car club will have a team of 5 drivers who will each earn points based on their finishing position in all heats, semi's and finals. The goal for each team is to accumulate the highest amount of points of all the teams to be the winner of each round. After all six rounds are completed we will add up all the points and crown the overall championship team.

We will also have an individual champion of each round as well as an overall champion. Not only is this to race for your car club but also yourselves.

Your team of 5 drivers does not need to be the same for each round but it highly recommended. We will have one race per month (usually the 3rd Wed of every month).

We highly encourage wearing club appearl, stickers on helmets, etc...

Don't miss NorCal EVO, NorCal BMW, Club RSX, EPHatch, CFRA, and many more battle for bragging rights!!

FORMAT | Each Driver will recieve:

10 Lap Practice Session
3 Heat Races (8 Laps Each)
1 Semi-Final (15 Laps Each)

The TOP 10 in points will move on to the FINALS (20 Laps).

COST | $50 per driver


To Register please email the full names of your 5 drivers to: [email protected] - Deadline = September 27th


Vendors | Contact [email protected] if you want a FREE booth

For more information please contact [email protected] or call 510.770.9001

Robbie Montinola

Director of Marketing

LeMans Karting - Fremont

>> Indoor European Kart Racing

45957 Hotchkiss Street | Fremont, CA 94539

Ph. 510.770.9001 | Cell. 949.290.7519

damn i just read this and the list is due the 27th.... if anyone is interested..let me know... cuz i am...

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me and luis gunna go to lemans some other its not so crowded....but where is dean.... havent seen him post in a while.....
I've been busy modding my 4x4:

As for LeMans, I'm not going there again. A couple of weekends ago I went to GoKartRacer in Burlingame. IMO, it's a much better venue than Le Mans. We did the Supertrack configuration. $75 for a 15-minute practice session, 5 minutes of qualifying, and a 15-minute race. There are other racing options, but I haven't tried them out yet.
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