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This was grabbed from my coworker who sets up the mazda event at Sansone. Please give me a head count of who will be attending. This is something that you def dont want to miss!!!

"This October 31st, come on down to Sansone Mazda for the last meet of the
season. Since the colder weather will be comming soon, we want to go out
with a bang. We had a very successful summer with a very surprising turnout
for many of the Tuesday night meets. We really want this last one to be the
biggest and most special until we can bring the meets back in April. Its
Halloween. Have some fun, dress up, and come down to the show. We will be
clearing out the front lot again like we did all summer since we are hoping
for this last meet to be the biggest and the best. There will be raffles
and prizes given out. Food and refreshments will also be served again. I
know it took all summer but we finally have the stadium lights up and
running in our front lot so a night time show is no problem. We really
appreciate each and everyone of you who made it out to any of the previous
meets this summer. If you didnt get a chance to go to one of our shows, now
is your chance. Want to show off some new mods before the winter sets in,
install them and bring the car out to the show. I look foward to seeing
each and every one of you make it out for the last one. Lets finish up the
season strong!
Thank you,
Mike Mota
Sansone Route 1 Mazda"
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