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Hi all, from the land of the long white cloud 馃嚦馃嚳

This weekend we are picking up our new white 2015 M6 gsx 2.5 sedan.

It's for our main family car, wife and two wee ones but I'm looking at facelifing it tastefully where I can.

Initially want to black gloss vinyl the roof and plastidip the front badge and the curvy chrome grille fascia piece.
Debadge it where I can at the rear.
Going for that black edition look.
We will probably be getting a Thule roof box and racks in gloss black also.

I'm wanting to upgrade the headlights and taillights where I can but I haven't really found what I'm after. Ideally something with dynamic turning signals but there doesn't seem to be much out there.
Not affraid to do it myself if I have to.

I'd love to upgrade the front seats to heated leathers if that isn't too difficult or costly.

Maybe at a later date lower on 19's just for the look.

It's at the 100,000kms mark, just wondering what typically needs done on these cars around then?
I believe it needs a decent service to cover fluids and I believe pads are getting low. How about spark plugs or leads/ distributor cap? Tyres will need doing soon also. Anything else to watch for? Battery appears like new.

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Welcome to the forum!

Forgive me as all my units are in imperial (miles).

60k is still nice and low. Ticker is over 200k and I'm nearing 180k and we've both been doing great. Recommended spark plug change around 80k, Transmission flush around 75k (debatable since "technically" these transmissions shouldn't need a flush, but none of us buy that), rear brakes might need it soon depending on how the person drove the car. Depending on if the battery is new and is a decent AGM or not, it may only last a year or two - My OEM AGM lasted 5 (or 6, I forget) years and 125k miles and it's definitely worth the price to get an AGM.

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Hi KIwi. I'm a local as well. My station wagon was 180k when I brought it, I would differently have the trans serviced if nothing else. I wouldn't recommend 19's or lowering it as the ride quality would go out the door. 18's with a 225x45 tyre fits well and fills the guard just a bit more.
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