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Keys and Remote Control for '04 6

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So, I just bought a '04 6s hatchback today. It only came with one key, one remote.

Does the key have a chip in it? am I able to just get it copied somewhere - or is it a dealer-only item?

Also, how much would it cost if I buy a remote somewhere, and have mazda program it?
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You can search for instructions on how to program a key fob,

and the key does have a chip in it. The dealer that I go to charges $30 to have it CUT, and $150 to have it PROGRAMMED. However, it's one price for as many keys to program as you want, it's just that you have to pay $30 per key.
Yes the newer model of car's key always has a chip in it and you need to get programmed in order to work.
just an update for those who were curious... I got 2 keys cut and programmed.

$32 each key, with $80 1-time programming labor.
Does anyone know if you could have the 2006 style remote with the key built in cut and programmed for a 2005 model?
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