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My car came with 1 key. A switchblade key that has lock/unlock and panic. I have no other keys at all. I have a US market 2006 Mazda 6 S Wagon.

Looking through the forum, I am so confused. Some people say you can buy a new key and program it yourself, and others say you can not and that you have to go to the dealer. Then there seems to be some difference based on your vehicles creation date and what market it was made for...

Then some say, you can buy a keyfob from ebay and program it to work, but you need two working keyfobs?

I would like a key that will start the car. Ideally I would like another switchblade that will start the car and unlock the doors. However, I think the price at the dealers is a bit crazy.

For just a key to start the car: $140
For a keyfob to start and unlock/lock: $425

That seems insane to me. I think I read somewhere that any dealer can make a key for you, but I've read so many threads, I can't seem to find that thread again.

Please, if anyone has a definitive answer or a cheaper solution, please let me know. I am really worried about when I lose this key and it is a when and not an if.
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