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Hey guys,
I recently aquired an 04 4 door Mazda 6i, and I LOVE the hell out of it!

But, it's bone stock.
I'm trying to think about some good mods I can do this summer, when I get some money.

I have a few questions, and am hoping that they can be answered by the smart people in these forums.

Okay. I've been reading, and can't decide which one is better.
SRI or CAI? For this car, which one is better, and which one is easiest for a 17 year old to install, with the help of his dad. LOL.

Also, I've been on youtube, and the Magnaflow exhaust sounds beautiful on this car.
I would love to have that installed on mine.
I would just like to know, is the installation hard? And did most of y'all who have the magnaflow, install in yourselves or did y'all have someone install it for you?

Also. Lastly, what about rims?
I'm pretty sure, in fact I'm almost absolutely sure, I have the stock 17 inch rims.
I would like to get new rims, but, would also like to be absolutely sure that the new rims will be the same size, so I will not have to get new tires. And to ensure that they do not "rub" as I've heard so many of you mention in the wheels forum.

I would really appreciate the help, and I thank all of y'all for hopefully being very friendly and accommodating!
Thanks, Garrett.
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