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Just Installed: Revel Touring Sports Coilovers (pics)

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Just finished the install on my 2018 sport 6mt the other day. So far everything feels great and the car looks fantastic:
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I may need to do some minor adjustment on the rear spring preload since the divorced rear shock is always kind of annoying to get perfect on the first go, but it rides very well and the height is perfect, just seems slightly noisy in the rear, though that may just be that I haven’t driven a car with aftermarket coilovers in a year or two.
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Overall I’m really pleased with the quality and the only bummer is the brake line bracket was too thick to use the stock clip to hold it in place, so a series of carefully places zip ties will have to do. The coils are listed as 14-17 so maybe the 18 brake bracket is different? Some suspension pics as well:
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What I like about these is that the dampening adjustment is at the bottom of the rear shock, so you don’t have to try and jam your arm up into the wheel well to adjust the settings on the fly. Why can’t everyone do that? Anyhow, hope you enjoyed the pictures!
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Prob could have just gone Godspeed, i dont see much difference between them, other than color and price.
Correct, godspeed monomax are made by the same parent company who makes these, but currently they are not in stock and I got these for ~830$ on ebay since they were the last set in stock from that particular seller. The decision was mostly price based, hah!
Damn ok lol, on their site they wanted $1350.
I can see the pillow mounts being louder overall, but as for clunks, my left rear shock was only loose enough that a wrench showed me it was loose. Always go over each bolt/nut with a wrench cause they can be more than finger tight, but bouncing 1.5 tons on it can make it move.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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