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Well, at 45,000 miles my stock brakes were really feeling iffy. My fronts were real scratchy feeling and the rotors were good and warped. Also, the rears would no longer hold my car on my driveway without it rolling back in neutral with the e-brake on. I said hell with it and bought a full replacement rotor and pad package from RPM. Rotora blank rotors, and Hawk HPS pads. Great discount when you buy the whole package.

Install is cake. I've never done brakes on a car before, and there's nothing to it. The hardest part, by far, is dealing with those damn screws that hold the rotors in place. Has anyone been able to successfully remove those without destroying them? I destroyed a philips bit for an impact wrench on the first one, and I drilled out all the rest of 'em. I've read they're not needed, and I agree. With the wheels on, those bad boys aren't moving. The stockers took some serious bangs with a hammer to get off even without the screws.

I did manage to split my "working on the car" jeans right up the ass somehow wrestling with the last rotor. That pissed me off.

Other than that, install is straightforward. I followed the bedding instructions on the box for the pads exactly, so I'm hoping not to get any squeaking that some have reported. I can't stand that shit.

Out on the road, well, they work great. Normal driving and braking they feel just the same as the stockers did when they were brand new, which I remember was very good when I first got the car. But, if you hit the pedal a bit harder than normal, damn. Instant stop. Very, very nice. And no dust so far to report. I'll be keeping my eye on them though.

For around $350, IMO this is a great brake replacement. You won't hurt your neck during normal driving, but damn they're sure there when you need 'em.
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