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Okay for all those in the Cleveland area or others interested, here's where I took my parts this morning...

I was orig planning on regular matte black powdercoat to match the engine bay. But the guy there offered that for 30$ more I can get the intake ceramic coated which I decided why not it's 30$..

Who knows maybe it'll help keep the intake material's temps down. I know it's wishfull thinking but 30$ more it can't hurt. And then the ebay heatshield I bought it getting powdercoated since it's only there to block water.

If anyone wants more info on these guys let me know. It's a nice big shop with pretty much the intent on working exclusively on smaller automotive runs/parts not large contracts where they want a few hundred peices.

I'm not trying to give these guys free advertising, just trying to let you all know what's out there and checking to get oppinions on whether it's a good move or not.

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