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First you need to lower the compression of your car, turbos require low compression. Then you need to make sure those lower compression rods/pistons and whatever else you upgrade can handle the extra power without blowing. Then you need to figure out how to wire your oil up to cool the turbo and drain back to the oil pan. You can live with a small turbo on low boost without an intercooler, but I wouldn't suggest it. So that involves finding somewhere to mount an intercooler, then finding room for the hoses involved- not gonna be easy with a v6 its packed in there already. Also you gotta have the exhaust right, to much backpressure can lower performance, and so can too little... its a fine art. I wont even go into the fine art of wastegastes, blow off valves, and detonation prevention.

All this learned putting a 2.4 built stratus block and aftermarket turbo in a 96 neon, way before the srt-4 was a concept..
u forgot engine management.

im sorry if this has been answered or anything already. im new to these forums...
but i was thinking, if you had a custom manifold made for like $900 cant you drop almost any turbo into the 2006 3.0 v6 ? my friend and i were going to do it for his civic.... will this work or not?
as for the turbo itself, u need to make sure the flanges fit right also.
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