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Its Official

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I now own a Mazda 6S
i can pick her up Wed when the check from my bank clears.....
Here are the pics dealer took ill get some personal ones once i have her home.

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Does this forum have chapter members in each state that have reg meets?
or at the least Annual Meets?
Also if there are; when is the next meet id like to have a few of the experienced Grease mokeys help me take a thurough look over all the "Worry parts" before my 30 days is up. I know JDM pretty well but this is the first Mazda 6 ive ever riden in let alone Driven/Owned. I dont Count owning the 626 since to me the Mazda 6 feels/sounds/smells/looks/purrs like a completely diff car.
aww man.. there is a red speed6 on ebay... its in delaware, completely stock, 24k miles!!! and only 16k!!

thats only a 3hr drive for you

but congrats on your purchase

where where how much whats the link i can cancel order i can cancel order...............

what part of NY you in? lots of 6 owners up there.

im in queens ny
looing at the BIN no way im getting it for 6k pre taxes.

ill stick with what i got and later on import some jdm body parts and do a custom 30 psi P-1SC super charger. looking at baseline specs on V6 S manual i have 220WHP so adding a few internals and a full engine bolt kit would suffice to give me a 1 sec delayed spool city driving and .025 delay spool on 30 mph highway launch.......but im getting ahead of myself....must finish my 8G 6g74/6g75 frankie mated/manual swap
as Promised here are some pics taken by me.

My First Mod

second mod. cd player is inoperable.....

she came with halos

I allready pulled these guady tips off

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1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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