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Hey guys, i'm pretty new to this site.. but umm i been browsing it and am very interested to find a way to get a hook up for the ipod to my stereo. Ive seen someone post this and have a few questions on it.

"Just received my Neo ProLink - PODMAZV1 from,;productID=644

Haven't had time to install it yet. I still have to figure out a decent way to access the back of the BOSE unit to connect the Neo Prolink. If you find something on removal let me know. I have a 2006 Mazda 6 SportWagon By the way. I will let you know if I do find some instruction on BOSE system removal and how please I am with the Neo ProLink - PODMAZV1.

Good luck"

I have a few questions on this.
1. Is this HU compatable with a mazda 04 S6 with the bose 6 disk cd system?
2. How much would it cost to get it installed because im not too experienced with audio? Or is it a waste to pay to get it installed because it's easy?

All information is greatly appreciated and Thanks a lot ahead of time =P
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