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Man im starting to get a headache reading about all the tire info thats floating around here in the forums. I live in Northern Indiana where we always get lake effect snow. Its been snowing non stop for a couple weeks now and I'm realizing the stock tires are not good in snow what so ever. I've also been reading they are basically summer tires. I have an 88 Bronco if the weather gets too bad but the thing gets like 10 miles a gallon. Would much rather be driving my Mazda. I need to start researching some steal rims and snow tires for next season.

Is the dealership the only places to find steal rims besides junk yards and such? Where are some of the places you all are looking?[/b]
I lived in Northern Indiana for about 15 years, I know how that snow can get
...Don't forget about Ebay, may be able to find a set that may fit....
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