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So as stated in the title. this will be the official thread for anyone that is interested in a nice hike down into the gorge. for any of you guys that are in to photography, this is a very big place I highly suggest to take up the offer. I have been down there over probably 15 times and I still do not get sick of being there

there will be pictures posted soon but just creating the thread now

If your planning on seeing the falls or spending the day looking at the falls from above, i suggest to look at them from straight on and also view all the rapids that are created from where the falls use to be.

I am planning to spend most of the day down there depending on how everyone else feels about it.

Things you will want to bring:
-food for snacks and lunch
-drinks (anything from beer to pop to water)
-camera and photo gear
-toilet paper for dropping a duce in the woods. (yes i have had to do this before, no one will feel comfy having to climb an x amount of stairs when they need to shit) lol
-anything else you would like on a hike.

depending on the weekend of the meet, will depend on the days we will set this up for.

my buddy (chris) will probably join us for the hike, being that he has been down there probably 50 times before and knows the place like the back of his hand.

like i said, picture to come.


I nor anyone you are going with, will be a certified guide for niagara falls. so this will be a hike at your own risk. I nor anyone else will take the fall for if anything happens. please be aware, you need to be careful at all times and watching where you are stepping, there are several places that you are right on the edge of the water and can slip in. so please be aware, I nor anyone else you are going with are certified for being a guide at niagara falls.

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from my buddy chris

ok here's a little pictorial tour so to speak

here's the lower part of the gorge, right side is USA, taken from just downstream of the whirlpool, this is the calm section....[/b]

looking upstream from the whirlpool

this one is a good ways upriver from the whirlpool, about 1 hour hike in i'd say at a normal pace

close up of some of the rapids, looks a lot calmer than it is

looking downriver from where prev pic was taken from, whirlpool is all the way as far as you can see in this pic

and here's the mouth of the whirlpool(over 200ft deep)

none of this will be happening on any large hikes led by me.....

jumping in the rapids to swim.....

yes there are many caves, i will not be showing you where they are lol....i'm not getting in trouble for that....

the old powerplant underground....not a stop on our tour, but in the gorge still

This is the reason why there will be no horse play, also anything that goes on, joking around where you shouldnt, being an asshat....etc. i will not be responsible, nor will anyone else for your actions. if anything happens, i dont no you. lol

this is a normal thing for down there, they pull bodies out of that river all the time, probably once a month at least.... they didn't find this little girls for about a week i think it was....

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reserved for people going

people that will be attending the hike:

1. yamba6/yeamabu (+1)
2. skurge [from another forum]
3. obsoletee (+1) [from another forum]
4. Jdmazda6 [from another forum]
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