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Interior Stain Remover

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Hey, I wanted to know what's a good stain remover for the cloth material for the interior? I tried to use this armor all stain remover but it just spreaded the stain. Anyone know? Thanks, I appreciate it.
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Tough stuff usually removes stains well. I used it in my 626 to remove grease and other various stains (didn't work too well on month old coffee though, lol. Thank god for beige carpet under the seats).
I forget the name off hand but i believe it might be tuff stuff as well, its in a yellow/red can with a scrub brush ontop of the lid. you can get it at autozone or stores like that, works really well.

For the really tough ones, I have even gone and borrowed my dads carpet steamer/cleaner, and just used the attatchment on it to clean stains on my floor area in my old 6.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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