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installing 6.5's in the m6's 6x8 holes

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I've looked at davrulez's thread on this topic, and i'm a little lost.

i did some googling and came up with this on the protege site, any ideas if this kind of adapter will work in the 6?

thanks for your thoughts!
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That method will work fine for most 6.5" speakers.
FYI the MazdaSpeed6 comes with the Bose system which uses 5.25" speakers in the rear doors. They're mounted into a plastic combo rain shield/6x8 adapter to fit into the 6x8 opening in the plastic inner skin. You might be able to find a MS6 owner willing to part with his adapters if he's upgraded to 6x8 speakers and no longer needs them and doesn't want to hold on to them. Using these helps to retain the rain protection as it's built into the adapter. Try posting a WTB in the Buy/Sell forum.

The only drawback I can see from using these adapters is that they're plastic, meaning they would allow some flex, dulling transient response, compared to ones made out of wood. However, if your inner door skin is plastic, like the MS6, this isn't much of an issue, as the wood 6x8 adapter would still be bolting to plastic, so that would still flex. Ideally the speaker should be bolting to as solid a surface as possible. Most cars have the speakers bolting to the metal inner door skin, but not the Mazda6 or MS6.
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so its 6x8 front and back for sure?

can i put new car speakers in without buying a amp for them? I want them to be louder without many changes. will that mess up the bose tweeters? or will that still work, i want it to....and isnt all the speakers preamped, so if i put new car speakers in that are 6x8 (right size?), will i need a amp or will it work without it?? overall, if i changed it, will it be louder?? lol im new still to this car...thanks for the HELP!
Honestly, new speakers won't do a whole lot for you I wouldn't think. New speakers would have a little better sound quality, but they would be underpowered by the headunit. If you throw an amp in there with some new speakers, then you'll get some good sound. I'm not sure how the Bose tweeters are wired, but to get them to stay working, you will more than likely need a crossover. You could just get component speakers that come with a new tweeter.
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