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After having this car for two years, I began having an issue I believe with the touchscreen. Its like a ghost is touching my screen all the time It happens while driving and it starts clicking random things. I ran a diagnostic test by following the steps below:
So turn your car on.
On the commander (once the mazdaconnect loads) hold the music note, star, and mute/volume buttons down for a few seconds.
A test screen appears.
Turn the commander clockwise to put a 4 on the screen.
Press the commander knob down and release.
You should see a code list come up.
If your screen is failing you’ll have a code B108E:04 for center display internal failure, this indicates you need a new display screen.

I currently have the display failure notification. I am out of warranty. Due to it expiring in December 2019. The dealer told me they would charge me diagnostic fee to check it out. Theres a recall for this for Mazda3 2014-2016. What can I do?
SSPB6 is the code for the extended warranty for the Mazda.
On certain 2014-2016 Mazda3 vehicles, the Mazda Connect touch screen in the center display may not accept touch commands properly or may operate by itself (ghost touch).
The ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) film of touch screen may be corroded due to moisture, which may adhere on the lens of touch screen during the cleaning process at the plant. The corrosion may allow the electrostatic capacity to vary without any input, causing the malfunction of touch screen. It is covered and you should not have to pay for this. Go to your dealer as I just did today and they are fixing the problem.
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