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Hi everyone,

I have bought a 1 din kit that comes above the info display and also a 1 din radio. i connected everything and the radio works fine.
Only my info display is not working anymore. idc about the radio info or time. but since i have automatic airconditioning i do need the temperature.
any way how i can get this to work? i know i could just buy the metra kit but i dont wanna spend 200 on that (else i would bought that in the first place)
if it is a possibility i could make my own adapters, but then i just need to know how. i know the info comes from the radio since it only works when the radio is connected but that cable is in use by my aftermarket radio now. and then there is a cable from the pcb to the info display. so would it be possible to make a new cable from the oem radio and fix it to the display in some way?
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