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I've been loving this car since its introduction and I will be shopping for one in the very near future. I've been reading a lot of the threads on this forum and found that there are many Mazda6 owners that are really enthusiastic about their automobiles (obviously). Anways, if any of you would have time, I would really appreciate some specific feedback on the cars. I'm in the US and there aren't many owners here yet, so your advice will be really well appreciated. I would just like to know some very general stuff:
I know the car is a bargain for it's price, how's its reliablity?
Have you had any problems with it?
Do you recommend automatic or manual transmission?
I know it wins the critics vote for midsize sedan, how's its performance? (for the mazda6s) 0-60? 1/4 mile? top speed?
Is the handling as crisp as they say it is?
Does it have a lot of tuning potential?
Please include any other info that you think could be beneficial.

Anyways, I am in the market for a mazda6s and would really appreciate your feedback.

` N. Hamoui
Glendale, California, USA

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Move this Steve or other random admin :D

A bargain for the features you can get compared to others.

Longterm reliability can't really be tested yet as it hasn't been out long enough.

Obviously most everyone will recommend manual for most every type of driving. But some like Autos for long spells in high traffic.

Think the 0-60 is 7.3, 1/4 mile is 15.3, top speed is governed at 120mph?

It will have a lot of tuning potential as it is a Duratec head which is used in a few engines at the moment. DuratecPerformance [which is a member of this board] is in the process of constructing such now.

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thanks for ure time kincaid..
that info was helpful.
i know i posted this in the wrong forum, but i just really like the vibe and enthusiasm here, so i just posted.
thanks again, hopefully i can post soon, but this time, w/ a mazda6s
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