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In light of my clutch problems...

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I found the following article disturbing.

The Mazdaspeed 3 is only a bit less tricky to launch than a space shuttle. Most of the runs up the drag strip vanished in excessive tire smoke. Or they deflated when the driver, trying to stanch the wheelspin, inadvertently cued the waste gate. Or grabbed the wrong gear with the spongy shifter. Calls to Mazda yielded tips: Pop the clutch at 2900 rpm, upshift at 6000 — redline is 6700 — and flat-shift through second and third (which means don’t lift at all — the mechanical equivalent of dropping a Steinway on the clutch and half-shafts and violating our test procedure).

“Don’t worry,” the engineers said, “it won’t break.”[/b]
Little do they know, it will break.

I have been accussed by a service manager of driving like a maniac. However, I have never smoked my tires. I have never reved my engine before engaging teh clutch. I don't even recall the last time my tires made noise. Then my clutch goes out at 45k. I am so pissed about the crap I am getting from Mazda that I have been looking to replace the car that I truly enjoy. Oh well, I should have known better to buy a Ford product.
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You drive a 2004 V6. A completely different car with a completely different transmission than what is in the MS3/MS6, and very well known for having a weak clutch. You're lucky you got 45K out of it, 20K isn't horribly uncommon for the V6 clutch. More than a few people are on their third clutch by 40,000 miles.

And the Ford thing? Please. We could only dream that Ford had had a say in that decision. If Ford got to choose the MTX that would go in this car, we'd have the kick-ass Ford-Getrag 6-Speed unit that they use in the Mondeo ST (also used in the Noble M12 supercar). Or at least an MTX-75 like that used by SVT and the X-Type Jags, rather than a weakened version of it with a cheap-ass clutch.
Are they going to replace it under warranty? I had mine replaced under warranty at 45K miles. You can, too! Mazda has now been doing a number of them under warranty when they are over their 12/12 adjustment period. Every one they do makes the case for everyone else when theirs fails within the 4/50 warranty and is repaired under warranty out of the 12/12 period. You may have to get your area rep, or Mazda CR involved, but stick to your guns and you will get it covered. ;)
can you PM me the contact info for the dealer that did the work? having no luck in Denver



[email protected]
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