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I recently replaced the 2.3L 4cyl long block engine in my 2004 6i, with an identical engine. My brother and I have the new engine in, and everything is running good, except for the idle issues we are having. we have checked all hoses for vaccum leaks, cleaned the Throttle Body/MAF sensor, and replaced the spark plugs, and still have an issue with the idling :(

Note: the issue goes away when the engine is running at 1500+ rpm. While at idle, it jumps back and forth from 600-900 rpm and occasionally stalls out (both in gear and not in gear).
I do have a K&N CAI which sucks(the whole intake manifold was filthy dirty on the inside when we pulled the old engine), and i am looking at putting the stock intake back on, but haven't done so yet, since i have to buy a new one :(

Any suggestions on what to do now? anyone have the same issues with a new engine install?
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