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Idiot paint question

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So me being 17 and getting a 6 for my first car, it is clear i did not have much general knowledge. I ended up tinting my tail lights perfectly, which led to me getting some night shade paint on my trunk and surrounding areas.

So me being the newbie i am, i decided to pick up some grey mazda factory spray paint from the local pepboys and try and correct my mistake. It turns out this was not the smartest thing i could have done:hammerhea:. Now im left with a trunk that is not glossy and reflective at all, and it looks like complete crap.

My question is; is there anything i can get like that clay "stuff" to put on my car or any other logical alternative to try and remove this layer of spray paint other than paying $300 at a paint shop?
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I recommend you try and buff the spay paint off with a good cleaner/wax. If that doesn't get it, you can use polishing compound, just be careful not to burn through the OEM paint. If only a relatively small area you can use 2500-3000grit sandpaper and when done it will polish right back up to OEM shine. Since you're kinda new to all this, I would take it to a detailing shop, (NOT a quicky paint shop!) and pay them to recover the finish for you. Unless you have damaged the OEM paint underneath, the spray can shit CAN be removed to good as new, but must be done carefully.
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