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Ok, so.. Last week, i was following a large 18 wheeler, long story short, one of his back tires exploded, sending pieces up at the windshield. My windshield was totally screwed. But, oh well, we got it replaced.

Today, it started to rain, so naturally I turn my wipers on. Now, the drivers side wiper control arm pushes the wiper blade a little bit past the windshield (meaning that it is not stopping at the edge of the windshile, but however continuing a bit further past that.)

My car is not under warranty, and I'm pretty sure a Mazda dealer will charge about a billion dollars to repair it.

I just need someone's advice. Is this something that my dad and I can fix fairly easily, or is this something that I should take to a shop and have them look at it.

Any advice is greatly appreciated..

Thanks guys! -Garrett.

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yeah my car was the same way when i got it. are you talking about the drivers side wiper? it just goes a little too far and hits the other wiper? if thats the case follow these directions:
1. on your drivers side wiper arm follow the arm down to the pivot point
2. pop the cap off of the point
3. loosen the bolt underneath it
4. move the drivers side arm to its correct position at rest
5. tighten bolt
6. replace cap.

any questions or if im wayyy off just ask or pm me hope this helps
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