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I got it. Help me!

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I bought the liquid platinum GT with black interior tonight. Liberating feeling now that im stepping out of the v6 5-spd to the turboed 4cyl 6 spd!

I take delivery tomorrow in the early evening. Pics to come.
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It was either the volvo S60R or the speed6. I made the right choice. The volvo people wouldnt budge and well, I saved 18k on my speed 6 over buying the way over-priced S60R. The Mazda is gonna be awesome which I got for $24,500. I'm content and now I have $4000 tucked away for mods if and when I can stop being in-decisive!
Dang, that is a good price! I thought $25535 for mine was good! What options? Sunroof, Nav, Sirius?

You'll love the car! Get ready for the Mod bug to strike :drive:

My new wheels and tires show up tomorrow from tirerack, I may suddenly come down with an illness at work :)
Yea, that was the thing im most worried about, is driving around and sounding too ricey, but if its just right, not too outrageous then thats perfect. I was also told that I dont need to change out the BOV until I plan on increasing the boost in the car because the stock unit is fine for whats in the car, is this true? I am definetly getting the intake, but changing the BOV escapes me.
I've got the MS CAI and it is loud, not too loud, and not too ricey, but under throttle, you'll be turning heads of anyone walking on the sidewalk :drive:

If you want to hear the turbo, it's the only way to go!
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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