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I got it. Help me!

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I bought the liquid platinum GT with black interior tonight. Liberating feeling now that im stepping out of the v6 5-spd to the turboed 4cyl 6 spd!

I take delivery tomorrow in the early evening. Pics to come.
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It was either the volvo S60R or the speed6. I made the right choice. The volvo people wouldnt budge and well, I saved 18k on my speed 6 over buying the way over-priced S60R. The Mazda is gonna be awesome which I got for $24,500. I'm content and now I have $4000 tucked away for mods if and when I can stop being in-decisive!
Where do you live?
Farmington Hills.

Finally Confucious gets his leased or purchased?
I leased with an option to buy. I got 4500 off from the selling price, and i put down 3500 of my own. I opted for 10,500 miles per year so the payment would factor in lower. My residual is 45%. I think I did alright. It also helps that one of my co-workers knows their business manager so they did all they could, which is nice.
Nice, I work in Troy so I drive right through Southfield almost daily. Now I just have another Mazda6 to add to the rotation.
I get off at American Drive. wave to the black one. A guy has a black one in the building next to me too.
I get on 696 right where it starts, then move onto 75 over to Troy. American Drive, right before M-10 right? I'm not totally familiar with the area, been here for less than a year, know how to get to work, the supermarket, home and a decently cheap gas station.
Let me know when you're free, maybe we can meet up for a quick hellO!
If im picking the car up today, then all of the known recalls/tsb's and any available reflash will have been done? I should assume this to be correct however I should ask none-the-less?
My GT came with the moonroof, wheel locks, the cargo net and the moonroof wind deflector which will be removed thereafter. I now have to wait, instead of taking delivery today, I have to wait til Thursday. I was so psyched to see the car and the dealer, who told me it would be here today called me at work and said that he wont have it until Thursday, its coming from Columbus, Ohio. Which sucks.
Question...I'm getting the CP-e Intake and I was told that just getting that alone will give me a lot of sound as it is, with turbo whistle, the blow off valve and just the general cold air intake suction sound, is this true?

I dont know I feel about the car being too loud.
Yea, that was the thing im most worried about, is driving around and sounding too ricey, but if its just right, not too outrageous then thats perfect. I was also told that I dont need to change out the BOV until I plan on increasing the boost in the car because the stock unit is fine for whats in the car, is this true? I am definetly getting the intake, but changing the BOV escapes me.
As much anxiety as i've had about owning this car, it doubles when I hear some of the things people talk about, especially some if the issues they encounter. I dont plan on driving like an idiot, this is just a step up from my 6s v6 mtx that I had, so a little nicer sounding car, awd, turbo, figured, it cant hurt. I already spoke to the guy at the dealership about the reflashes etc... that might need to be done and he said that it'll all be done with the paperwork for it all when i pick the car up this afternoon.
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