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Hello, :D

Long time no look or hear.... If I am posting something that has been done let me know and point me that way.

Anyway... so yeah I found a way to update my Metra Kit with out sending it out or taking it into a shop.

Axxess Interface

The above site has a link where > WebXXpress Updater < that is. It is the software to do the update to the Kit.

Now I just have to find a USB-CAB Cable for cheap or make one. I think I am going for the make one. Going to go to my semi near by Frys and find a cable that will work.

If this works it will be a very cheap way of making my time stay with out having to buy a new kit which I have seen some reviews around that say they keep time. Or buying the cable which goes for about 50+ from what I have found so far.

The USB-CAB cable seems to be a usb cable with a special or standard computer connection on one end. I plan on just finding a cheap cable or one with a similar end to what I have seen in searches for the USB-CAB cable.

Will update when I find a cable and get it to be usable and what I find.

If someone knows of a cable for less that will work GREAT! Let me know, and let me know what you think about what I am trying. :D

Arg I guess someone already has done this....


Still going to go see if I can find a compatible cable at a local Frys Electronics tomorrow afternoon.

I have also figured out something else... its basically a RS232 aka Serial port cable. So if wanted should be able to take a USB-Serial cable and achieve the same thing.

I really do not want to pay $50+ to update my unit but I am tired of seeing the time be off. I am tired of people complaining about it too.

If there is anyone in the Las Vegas, NV or Boulder City, NV area that has one on here can I borrow your USB-CAB cable?
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